Fully-funded Scholarship in Taibah University

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One of the best funded scholarship in Saudi Arabia with impressive scholarship. The application for Taibah University is open till now. Interested candidates from any countries can apply for this scholarship which covers tuition fees, high salary, accommodation, meals, travel cost and many more. Grab this golden opportunity get the great scholarship in Saudi Arabia.

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Education Level


Eligible Countries

All countries


Taibah University 

About University

In 2003, Saudi Arabia’s Taibah University was founded in Medina. There has been a significant growth in the student body at Taibah University. 7,761 pupils were enrolled in 2003. There are 20,815 students enrolled as of right now. 94 of the 156 academic programmes are graduate-level programmes. Diploma, Associate, Bachelor’s, General Diploma, Higher Diploma, Master’s, and Doctorate are the seven degrees offered by Taibah University. To announce the Council of Higher Education’s intention to combine the campuses of Muhammad bin Saud University and King Abdulaziz University into a single, independent university in Medina, Royal Decree number 22042 was issued.

Available Faculties

Taiba University has 28 colleges;

  1. College of Medicine Rehabilitation Sciences
  2. College of Applied Medical Sciences
  3. College of Pharmacy
  4. College of Dentistry
  5. College of Medicine
  6. College of Law
  7. College Business Administration
  8. College of Applied Medical Sciences, AL-Ola
  9. College of Engineering[4]
  10. College of Computer Science and Engineering (CCSE)
  11. College of Science
  12. College of Education
  13. College of Arts and Humanities
  14. College of Arts and Humanities, Yanbu
  15. College of Applied Science
  16. College of Community Services
  17. Community College – Khaybar
  18. College of Health Sciences
  19. College of Family Sciences
  20. College of Sciences, Yanbu
  21. College of Engineering, Yanbu
  22. College of Science & Computer Engineering, Yanbu
  23. College of Applied Medical Sciences – (Yanbu Campus)
  24. College of Business Administration, Yanbu
  25. College of Community, Hinakiyah
  26. College Of Science and Arts at Al-Ola
  27. College of Community, Al-Mahd
  28. College of Community, Badr
  29. College of Community, AL-Ola

Scholarship Coverage

Selected Candidates will get the following;

  • Tuition Fees,
  • Monthly allowance of 850 riyals,
  • Disbursement of a two-month bonus of 1700 riyals.
  • Student health care.
  • Accommodation,
  • Meals, and
  • Travel cost.
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Required Documents

  1. High school diploma and transcript.
  2. Attestation of the certificate and transcript for the secondary school stages.
  3. passport and personal photo
  4. Recent medical report.

An Arabic translation must be attached to every document written in a language other than Arabic, certified by an accredited translation office and certified by the Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

How to Apply?

Application can be done by online.
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Application deadline

Now Open

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