Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters scholarship Program

Erasmus Mundus Scholarship
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Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters scholarship are delivered by multiple higher education institutions and run across various countries. They are distinguished by their academic excellence and by their high level of integration for this Erasmus Mundus Scholarship. Students at master’s level from all over the world can apply. Moreover, this scholarship is provided to excellent students who has great past academic achievements .Grab this Erasmus Mundus Scholarship opportunity to study in Europe.
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Education Level


Eligible Countries

European Commission

About Scholarship

Erasmus Mundus Scholarship is one of the most prestigious scholarship in Europe. International students can apply to study in different European Countries through this fully-funded scholarship.

Erasmus Mundus Scholarship is high-level and integrated study programmes, at master level. They are designed and delivered by an international partnership of higher education institutions (HEI). They involve at least three HEI from three different countries, of which at least two must be EU Member States and third countries associated to the Programme (previously called Programme Countries).

EU aims at fostering excellence and internationalisation by supporting these jointly recognised Master degrees. There are also scholarships for students to take part in these prestigious programmes; the masters themselves offer them to the best-ranked applicants worldwide.

Available Faculties

  • Chemistry (CHE)
  • Economic Sciences (ECO)
  • Environmental and Geosciences (ENV)
  • HIS
  • Information Science and Engineering (ENG)
  • IT
  • LAW
  • Life Sciences (LIF)
  • LIT
  • Mathematics (MAT)
  • Physics (PHY)
  • Social Sciences and Humanities (SOC)

Scholarship Coverage

Selected Candidates will get the following;

  • Tuition fees,
  • Library and laboratory costs,
  • Full insurance coverage,

and any other costs associated to your participation in the Master’s); which covers contribution to your

  • Travel and installation costs,
  • Monthly subsistence allowance for the entire duration of the study program.
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Eligibility and Requirements

  • Scholarship students must have already obtained a first higher education degree or demonstrate a recognised equivalent level of learning according to national rules and legislation in place by the application deadline. That means that scholarship applicants must hold a higher education degree by 15 January 2022 to start the programme in 2022.
  • Students who have already obtained an Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees (EMJMD) scholarship or are former Erasmus Mundus Master/Doctoral Course scholarship holders are not eligible for an additional scholarship under the EMJMD action. Students benefiting from an EMJMD scholarship cannot benefit from another EU grant while pursuing their EMJMD studies.
  • The list of countries whose nationals are eligible for a scholarship is presented here. A differentiation between programme country students and partner country students is applied. No more than 25% of the total number of scholarships available will be awarded to programme country students. 
  • The monthly subsistence allowance is not given to scholarship holders from a Partner Country for the EMJMD periods exceeding three months (indicatively the equivalent of 15ECTS credits) spent inany Partner Country.
  • Students from partner countries who have carried out their main activity (studies, work, etc.) for more than a total of 12 months over the last five years in any of the programme countries (EU + Turkey, Macedonia, Norway, Lichtenstein, Iceland) will be considered programme country applicants according to the 12-months rule. 
  • Please note: for given academic year student candidates can apply for maximum three different joint programmes supported by the Erasmus Mundus scholarships (see the EMJMD catalogue).
  • A full and timely application is required for any application to be considered. Check the menu on the left for required documents. 

Required Documents

– Proof of your previous  education/degree(s)
– Passport and personal photograph
– And other supporting documents like, C.V, Motivation letter, recommendation letter etc.
– English Proficiency test certificate.
– Statement of Financial Assets
– Research Proposal
– Study Plan
– Extra- Curricular activities certificates

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How to Apply?

Application can be done by online.

1. After clicking on apply now, scroll down and find the course which you are willing to apply as shown in the picture below,

2. Students should contact the relevant consortium directly for information on courses, application procedures and scholarships availability.

Application deadline

From October 1 until January, Every Year

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